Worcester Friday Night Skate: City – Battenhall – St. Peters – River

Start and finish point: Elgar Statue, Cathedral Square, Worcester
Distance: 5.5 miles;
Hills: plenty – we avoid the steepest!;
Traffic: *** generally quiet;
Surface Quality: ** varies – some pretty rough – e.g Stanley Road, also some nice smooth sections – e.g. on Battenhall Road.
Date updated: 14th April 2018

We start at the Elgar statue in Cathedral Square. Skate through the city centre along the pedestrianised high street, right down past Argos and to the Cornmarket and then make our way up Tallow Hill turning right down Hill Street – Stanley Road. This street is fairly quiet, but has its ups and downs and the road surface is fairly rough: the pavement is a viable option for some of it.

We turn left up Wyld’s lane and then up Victoria Avenue via Albert Road. Much of the road – and pavement – surface here is quite smooth. We get to London road on the level, take a left and then first right down Sebright Avenue: we’re going against the traffic for some of this – so need to be on the pavement/get out of the way if any vehicle comes from the opposite direction.

We skate through to Battenhall Road – joining it where the surface is pretty good – it’s also a wide road with not a lot of traffic on it and some nice views towards the Malverns.

We then follow cycle paths towards St.Peters, onto St. Peter’s Drive and take another cycle path towards Aldersey Road.  We skate through quiet streets losing height and ending up at Bath Road Park.  We cross Bath Road and then quiet streets along by Diglis Fields.

We join the river near Diglis Basin, skating alongside the river to the boat shaped building. Possibilities of seeing some bats near here. We then meander back up to the Elgar Statue.

Map: https://gmap-pedometer.com/?r=7225612

General Comments About Joining This Skate

  • You skate entirely at your own risk;
  • You need to be able to stop, turn, and control your speed – including on downhill sections;
  • There are some rough surfaces that some skaters may find challenging;
  • We don’t leave anyone behind!

To see when/if the skate is running, check out: https://www.facebook.com/groups/worcesterskaters/

Worcester Friday Night Skate: City – Battenhall – St. Peters – River
Elgar Statue
Worcester United Kingdom

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