List of Skates

Title Date Distance
Traffic Surface Comments
Goring 22/10/2011 21.0 *** *
Hertfordshire Varies * ** Great area for country skating – lots of route possibilities.
Liverpool Street to Battersea Park (London) 5.5 *** ***
Pangbourne 24/07/2011 28.0  **  ** Moderately hilly with long flat section.
Pangbourne to Hampstead Norreys and back 10/12/2011 22.1 *** ** The best part of the original Pangbourne skate.

Traffic – refers to the average busyness of the roads at the time of the skate (usually the weekend). * – generally busy or fast (and no pavement option), ** – average, *** – generally quiet or pavement option.

Surface – the average quality of the surface at the time of the skate (will vary over time), * – generally difficult surface, ** – average surface, *** – good surface.

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