See you next Tuesday

Unmarshalled skate through the streets of London.

Please note, the location given here is approximate, join the Facebook group to find exactly where and when the skates happen.

The important stuff:
1) You’re skating at your own risk as usual
2) Hi-Vis and lights HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
3) We keep as a group. If some get let behind, we’ll wait for you
4) This is NOT a skate for beginners. You need to be able to skate, stop, deal with different uneven surfaces. Go up and down stairs etc. Most importantly you must be able to look after yourself in traffic.


Worcester Skaters

Worcester Skaters is a group for anyone at all levels who wants to skate (rollerblade/inline skate/quads) in Worcester.

Our main thing is a regular Saturday morning skate by the Severn in central Worcester starting at 11am – meet at the start of Bromwich Parade (St. Johns side of the central Worcester road bridge). See:

Facebook page


The Nottingham Skaters

“We are the Nottingham skaters, we skate for fun and fitness but mainly fun. Whether its outdoors or indoor there’s always some skating going on. Tuesday nights (Between March and September since its dry) we hit the street of Nottingham. Sunny summer weekends, we can be found in various car parks across the university campus or idly skating around the river Trent. Cold winter days are spent in local sports halls practising skills and playing games. All this ends with a trip to a pub for food and a drink.”



Note, the location given in the map below is approximate. Please contact Nottingham Skaters directly to find exact locations and times of skates.

Swindon Skate

“Swindon with all the cycle paths, the ice rink, the friday roller disco, the inline hockey teams and the awesome Wiltshire Roller Derby team is a great place to start or practice some skating skills.



Note, the location given in the map below is approximate – please contact the group directly to find out exact locations and times of skates.

London Friday Night Skate and Sunday Stroll

“London Friday Night Skate (LFNS) and Sunday Stroll are weekly marshalled street skates in central London.

“The LFNS departs from Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner every Friday at 8pm. The Sunday Stroll departs from Serpentine Road in Hyde Park every Sunday at 2pm. Both are weather dependant and we announce if a skate is running a few hours before the scheduled start.

“The events are open to all skaters able to stop, turn and control their speed on hills. The Sunday Stroll is a relaxed slow paced skate; the LFNS is faster, more technically demanding and may involve hills and sprints. We welcome both inline (‘rollerblade’) and quad (‘roller skate’) skaters. Children are welcome provided they’re accompanied by a responsible adult willing to take them home if necessary.

“Route information is usually published mid-week and can be accessed via the links above. You can also find us on Facebook, on Twitter, or subscribe to our weekly email newsletter.

“LFNS runs purely for the joy of skating. Participation is entirely free and the skates are staffed entirely by volunteers. ”


Leicester Street Skate

“Leicester Street Skate: 1st Friday of every month – free and open to all skaters. Grab ya skates!”


Please note, the location given in the map below is approximate. Please contact the organisers directly to find out about exact times and locations.